Day: December 29, 2019

Continuity of Care

Continuity of Care The term ‘continuity of care’ is getting used more and more when it comes to general patient care, and with good reason. But there are actually two terms that regularly get interchanged – continuity of care and continuity of carer. Let’s compare the two and see how they apply to you. Continuity …

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Birth Places

Birth Places In 2018, 97% of all births occurred in hospital. While this is clearly the most popular place to have a baby, it is not the only place. You can choose to birth (and accidentally birth!) in a great many places, each appealing to different people. It’s a good idea to know what other …

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Primary Care Providers

Primary Care Providers Many people wrongly think that if they have private health insurance, then they should have a private obstetrician. Or if they don’t have insurance, then they will have fractured midwifery-led care in the public system. But there are so many more options than this! From high-risk care with a public obstetrician, to …

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